Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a first-person shooter video game developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is a sequel to 2010's series reboot Medal of Honor and the fourteenth installment in the Medal of Honor series. The title was announced on February 23, 2012, and was released in North America on October 23, 2012, in Australia on October 25, 2012, and in Europe on October 26, 2012[1] on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The games' single-player campaign picks up where Medal of Honor left off, as it reveals U.S. special forces operator Preacher returning home to find his family torn apart from years of deployment around the world. Upon release, the game received mixed to negative reviews; criticism was aimed at the low texture quality on consoles, glitches, confusing storyline and poor artificial intelligence.

The series received negative, mixed, and positive reviews with the most acclaimed title in the series being Medal of Honor (1999).[10] As of 2016, the series sold over 39 million copies.